Jeff Washington

Jeff Washington

Co-Owner + Coach


NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Bachelor of Science in Applied Exercise and Sport Science

US Army Master Fitness Trainer

ISSA Certified Elite Trainer

USAW Sports Performance Coach


About Coach

I was born in Milwaukee, WI, and raised in Kissimmee, FL. I didn't grow up as the athletic kid that played a ton of sports. I was actually overweight and played video games for most of the day. I didn't develop a passion for fitness until after I joined the Army in 2009. I served for six years of active duty as a Combat Photographer and Paratrooper assigned to Special Operations units. I served two deployments overseas and wouldn't change a thing if given the chance to do it all over. Joining the military was the single best decision I have made in my life because it was the catalyst that led to where I am today. Where I am today is a father to an amazingly beautiful one-year-old daughter and I am lucky enough that two awesome kids that aren't mine genetically look up to me as a father figure. I am living my dream one day at a time with my ride or die by my side and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Turning Point

Burnout was a major turning point for me. I grew frustrated by what others were doing in the industry and I didn't believe in what they were trying to sell as "fitness". It left a sour taste in my mouth so bad that I had to walk away from the industry entirely. I couldn't hide my true love for fitness and help others though. Whether it was through my own fitness journey or helping others online and on social media, coaching is my calling. Preston and I knew we both had something so unique that no one else in Wilmington could match our drive. We are genuine and unapologetically authentic. We know who we are, but more importantly, we know who we are not. We are here to make fitness fun and enjoyable while delivering challenging and results-driven workouts. We know you can have both and we're here to prove it.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose in coaching is to believe in someone so intensely that they are forced to believe in themselves. I love working with those who simply want to feel better about themselves. Strength and cardio capacity are important, but feeling confident in your own skin is just about one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It has a ripple effect throughout your entire life. Don't believe me? Just give MissionFit a try and see for yourself.

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